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Cockroach Pest Control Services in London

Cockroach Pest Control London

If you are living in an urban area or you store food in your property then you could be vulnerable to cockroaches. These cockroaches are very good at surviving and adapting to their environment. If you see just one cockroach then there is likely to be more. Cockroaches are a high risk pest to have in your home.

Roaches enter homes looking for food, water and shelter, they multiply quickly, it is important to act fast when roaches are seen. Roaches can carry bacteria that cause serious health problems like food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies, rashes, dysentery, gastro enteritis and typhoid. Beyond the health risks, these cockroaches are an infuriating pest to have in your house. Not only are they very disturbing in sight but in large numbers they can also produce a horrible smell. Cockroaches can breed rapidly so a quick response is essential to ensure that the cockroach infestation does not become established or spread to your neighboring areas. Hire pest control in North London to get rid of these irritating disease-causing pests.

What are the signs to look for cockroaches?

  • Live Insects: Roaches are nocturnal and they usually hide during the day time. You will be able to see them when you turn on the light of your kitchen at night.
  • Cockroach droppings: Cockroaches leave a dust of dark brown / black droppings which are cylindrical and less than 2 mm in size.
  • Egg cases and cast skin: Cockroaches shed their skin 5- 8 times as they mature.
  • Damage: Cockroaches are omnivorous and can eat almost anything including food, organic goods like paper, clothing, leather and animal matter.
  • If you see cockroaches in your property, call our cockroach pest control professionals so that we can find the infestation and get rid of it. Our experienced and professionally trained team deals with these cockroaches as part of their integrated Pest Management Programme. Our bedbug pest control team uses a range of effective treatments to exterminate bedbug and cockroach infestations.

    When you notice a cockroach in your home, you can be sure that there are more around so you must call our cockroach pest control services to be on a safer side. These crawling insects are very robust but our cockroach pest control technicians use high quality baits and insecticides to ensure complete cockroach extermination. You can schedule our cockroach pest control treatment at any time of the day and even for emergency situations.

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    Very efficient courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house. was very pleased with prompt service & politeness the technician. The charged price was fair with a year guaranteed control. First class service. highly recommended.

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    'Awesome' Superb friendly & did a Fabulous job. we are now completely sealed up and rats free. Best price for quality which comes with One year Guarantee, there is no sign of rats anymore.Strongly recommended. thanks for the Great Job.

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    Excellent service. Highly recommend NPCS pest control.Technician phoned before arrival, arrived on time as agreed, and was very helpful, friendly and professional.Really impressed by this company. Managed to deal with a bed bugs problem..

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