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Wasps Pest Control Services in London

Pest Control Wasps London

Wasp nest in your house is among those little disasters which you can never expect. You may suddenly have to deal with around three to five thousand dangerous flying stingers that are ready to defend their territory. Now you can call NPCS team for pest control of wasps and prevent such situations.

Common wasps are striped yellow and black with a small waist. Many wasp types live in colonies which can be present in thousands. Solitary wasps lay eggs and leave their eggs to hatch alone. The queen of some species produce unfertilized eggs which then turn into workers, the male wasps will fertilize wasps to become queens, they hibernate for winter, while the rest of the swarm dies off, the queens will emerge to repopulate the swarm. When our expert technicians for pest control of wasps arrive at your house, they will determine whether you have a problem with wasps or bees. If there is bees nest in your house, you should contact your local council and schedule an appointment with the bee keeper who can relocate the hive safely. If your house has wasp infestation then the experienced technician for pest control of wasps will thoroughly assess the situation and choose a safe way to remove the wasp nest.

Wasps are more active during warm summer months. In London, the common wasps and German wasps cause the most annoyance and their stings can be very painful. Only female wasps have stings which they use repeatedly if they feel under threat. The sting causes no long term harm but it can be life threatening for those who are allergic to stings. Wasps can be quite helpful for us. Certain species of wasps control insect populations, pollinate flowers and fertilize plants. Wasps can build their nests outdoors under trees or if they gain access in your house, they make their nests in sheltered areas like wall cavities and roof spaces.

If you have a wasps nest in your property or land, then be careful as tackling a wasps nest is extremely dangerous, call our pest control for wasps team of NPCS to help with your wasp problem. We offer you high quality, effective and competitive pest control in West London. To find out more about our wasp and cockroach pest control services and costs, you can email us or call us anytime.

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Very efficient courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house. was very pleased with prompt service & politeness the technician. The charged price was fair with a year guaranteed control. First class service. highly recommended.

Shamim Akhtar

'Awesome' Superb friendly & did a Fabulous job. we are now completely sealed up and rats free. Best price for quality which comes with One year Guarantee, there is no sign of rats anymore.Strongly recommended. thanks for the Great Job.

Mike Horner

Excellent service. Highly recommend NPCS pest control.Technician phoned before arrival, arrived on time as agreed, and was very helpful, friendly and professional.Really impressed by this company. Managed to deal with a bed bugs problem..

Joseph Louis

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